Welcome Apostle

Inspired by the masquerade balls of Renaissance Venice, faces masked to allow socialising without unwanted scrutiny and attention, The Apostles of Anonymity was founded by a group of people (who shall remain anonymous). Since the inception of our sacred Society, we have congregated every Christmas in secret locations to eat, drink and be very merry.

Once a year we deign to invite a very select few to join us our Society and this year you and your associates have been identified as fitting candidates for membership.

Becoming an Apostle will ensure your participation in a series of masked gatherings being held throughout December 2015 in celebration of the Winter Solstice. These parties will be held at our spiritual home of The Brewery on Chiswell Street, London. Parties can be booked exclusively or you can choose to join a shared event with fellow Apostles of Anonymity.

Once inducted, Apostles are asked to observe the Society’s Code of Ethics. Masks can vary in style. Idiosyncrasy in the Apostle House is greatly encouraged. Enjoy.

coniglio buffone gatto peste pulcinella corvo
coniglio buffone gatto corvo pulcinella peste




A popular Venetian carnival mask, Coniglio is Italian for ‘rabbit’. Like ‘gatto’ perhaps it was also chosen because of its scarcity in the region.

the jester

Worn with brightly colored clothes in a motley pattern, this mask represents ‘a jolly spirit’ and is characterized by the 3 points with bells attached at the end’.

the cat

Literally Italian for cat, the “gatto” mask is moulded into the shape of a cat. It was popular because of the scarcity of cats in the Venice area at the time.

the raven

Popularised by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem ‘The Raven’, this popular mask has more Native American history than Venetian. The former believe it is a keeper of secrets, a bearer of magic.

the punch

Pulcinella was the model for Punch in the English variation Punch and Judy. His main characteristic, from which he acquired his name, is his nose, which resembles a beak.

dottore peste

Based on the mask worn by 14th century ‘plague doctors’, the nose is wide and curved downwards like a beak. The costume is usually all black with a white collar.

Code of ethics


apostles must faithfully uphold the society's strict code of anonymity by wearing a mask during all ceremonial events.


masks may vary in style as long as the visage is partially obscured. idiosyncrasy in the house of apostles is greatly encouraged.


all apostle-to-apostle conversation must be light in topic eg. reality television and celebrity hookups.


  • 1 Observe the precepts of the Society as set forth on this site.
  • 2 Accept cheerfully all information sent to you by the Society regarding its code of ethics and December 2015 ceremonies.
  • 3 All ceremonial events are strictly smart attire.
  • 4 Uphold faithfully the Society's strict code of anonymity by wearing a mask during all ceremonial events.
  • 5 Masks may vary in style as long as the visage is partially obscured. Idiosyncrasy in the House of Apostles is greatly encouraged.
  • 6 A jovial demeanour must be worn underneath the mask at all times. Inability to do so will result in immediate cancellation of Apostle status.
  • 7 Do not identify with other Apostles unless he/she has provided consent.
  • 8 Work-related discussion is strictly forbidden in the Society house.
  • 9 All Apostle-to-Apostle conversation must be light in topic eg Reality television and celebrity hookups.
  • 10 Refuse to engage in non-Apostles of Anonymity engagements during December 2015



All packages come with a menu designed to appeal to a broad range of tastes, for all your staff to enjoy on the night.

Taste first
Organisers of Christmas parties are invited to attend our annual tasting event, where we provide an opportunity to try the menu, taste the wine (including upgrade options) and see the table layouts.

Unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks are provided throughout the evening, which includes a themed cocktail and sparkling wine drinks reception.

Canapés and unlimited spirits can be added to the package for an additional cost.

Past events



Fairytale of New York is the nightclub that broke all the rules. From the moment it opened its doors on Madison Avenue it startled the world with a convention-shattering attitude and distinctive design sensibility. 2012 saw the triumphant return of the club when it was recreated in all its glory for a one month run throughout December at The Brewery.



The Electric Flamingo Lounge and Social Club was the epicentre of the notorious late night scene in 1980s Miami. The Electric Flamingo was reputed to be the eras most elaborate and exclusive night spot with a notoriety that was matched only by its legendary impenetrable membership policy. The club quickly became extremely popular amongst celebrities and vastly rich local business men who wanted to keep their affairs away from prying eyes. After closing in the late 90s, 2013 saw the successful rebirth of the club bringing a slice of the Miami good life to London in December.



Once upon a time, a travelling spectacular wowed audiences across the world. Moving from show to show, they never grew tired of basking in the warmth and admiration from their delighted audiences. Until one day the unexpected happened, and it all came to a sudden end. Nobody ever saw or heard from them again… until now. Last December, the sublime and surreal set the stage, and an extravaganza like no other was witnessed signalling the Dream Circus being truly back in town.